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Now, you've discovered she has been unfaithful - do you want to take her back?
I know I am powerless to tell him how he should live, but I really like him.What makes it pretty damn close to perfect, though, is if you still want to be together and try to work it out when things inevitably get difficult.Getty, cheating wife or husband?The website claims that 53 per cent of marriages currently end in divorce - potentially due to such infidelity.Or maybe they are scared of being alone and want to audition your replacement beforehand.She says she loves me and will never leave me, but I am still worried.Are you equal partners or does she feel exploited emotionally or practically?What is more, women are much more likely to want to divorce their partner.Gaining weight is not good for her health so suggest some exercise and plan healthy meals together.She talked to 46 women in total, through the adult dating website Ashley Madison, and none of them were looking for anything other the affair dating site than physical connections.Men and women and now almost neck and neck in the cheating stakes - meaning both sexes should keep a close eye on their partners.We fight over everything.Women with a fickle sense of self-esteem can seek evidence of their worth in the romantic advances of other men, rather than gleaning validation in a meaningful way in their existing relationship.Tell your wife you cannot go on like this because being on this emotional rollercoaster is more than you can cope with.But if simple willpower isnt enough to curb your urges, what happens then?
Getty, cheating: Over half of men admit to cheating in relationships, at 57 per cent.
With our relationship roles becoming evermore flexible and fragmented, are you on the same page about what each of you expects from the other?

It takes nearly 20 years hard work and having a baby puts a strain on any relationship, even a strong one.
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