Cleaning lady looking for langenfeld

cleaning lady looking for langenfeld

Major Haywood Riley directed aircraft and fellow Marines to assault the enemy positions.
I can say that during my stay in Vietnam, my fellow brothers and I were not covered in a shadow; we knew how much the people back home despised us for doing our patriotic meet gay couples for sex duty and we tried to focus on what we were there.
Whenever I was on patrol with a jeep, I always tried to pick up GI's that I saw walking with big packs.It's a small world. .I am and always will be an American and my family means everything.As we were walking to our first meal in the mess tent, we walked by an elderly lady squatted down washing the cooking dishes with sand and a bamboo brush.I am the State Military Personnel NCO, attained the rank of maturity date jelentese Master Sergeant and will retire on with 40 years, 4 months and 8 days of military service. .It was much quieter there except for the 75mms and 8-inch guns that had occasional firing missions. .Continuing impressions on my mind are of the intense heat and humidity (98) most of the year, the friendliness and keen intellect of the people, the absolute richness and beauty of the land, and the complete futility of the conflict.Upon completion of AIT, I think everyone in the battalion went to Vietnam except two.While I was with the 101st, we hardly ever got back to the rear since we were either manning a Fire Support Base or out in the bush.On November 8, our Captain, John Hayes from Florida, was killed, and I was in that fire fight with him.We were on fire missions every day.MSM received at retirement on - Raymond.I was the only one of his three sons to go into any military service, and I was his first son.I'm out on patrol with three other guys and we've found us a nice shady place to rest.Arnold Wilme Bergstrom, West Jordan, Utah I did not get to Vietnam.I volunteered for Vietnam and they sent me to Germany. .But I will never forget what many of my own country's citizens did at that time to "honor" their servicemen and women.
During my first tour of duty in Vietnam, I served under an outstanding colonel who was a seasoned combat veteran.

President Kennedy was gone, and the executive order that two years with the Peace Corp as service to our Country was no longer honored.
He leaves his wife Patricia, daughter Paula Marie Weeldreyer and son John Pierce Weeldreyer.