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Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen, 5-10-11 NMarshall Islands-flagged drill ship Ocean Rig Poseidon (IMO: 9516870) fended off a pirate attack off the coast of Tanzania on Oct.
Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen, ft tugboat Aries (IMO 738168 carrying 29,000 gallons of diesel fuel, sank in 29 mph winds and 11-foot waves 109 miles east.
The ships ran over two groyns before getting stuck at the Karlsruhe Ground; the damage is assesed to be around 100,000 Euros.6 marines were trapped in the vehicle; one died and three were injured.Correspondent sex offender search in kansas Tim Schwabedissen,359-gt Liberian container M/V Maersk Dabou (IMO 9295402) suffered engine failure while docking at port Chalmers on May.Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen, 6-1-11 2,650-ton cargo ship Kang Bong (IMO 8994245) entered strong gales and sank in the Yellow Sea, 120-nm east of Lianyungang Port, east China's Jiangsu Province, on Dec.The ship will refloat at high tide.The Coast Guard rescued a father and son from their life raft, uninjured.Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen, 25-1-11 N19,900-dwt Malaysian tanker Bunga Laurel (IMO 9529645, built 2010 loaded with lubricating oil and ethylene dichloride worth almost US10,000,000 was boarded by Somali pirates in the Arabian sea, about 300-nm east of Oman coast, on Jan.Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen,133-gt Panama-flagged cargo M/V Freyfaxi (IMO: 6603103) ran aground enroute from Wismar on Dec.Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen, 11-1-11 The ropes of 1,125-gt German ferry Frisia II (IMO 7723974) got entangled in the propeller after its departure from Norddeich on Jan.I guess he forgot to mention that detail and could be confusing.9404077 en route to Rotterdam from Cork in the Republic of Ireland, ran aground in Cape Cornwall on Aug.Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen, ft Kodiak-based F/V Sisiutl, with 3 people on board and a fuel load of about 600 gallons of diesel, ran aground in Portage Bay off Shelikof Strait on Jun.Both ships suffered minor damage and headed to a port zone in the northwestern province of Tekirdag.The ship suffered damage at the hull; all crewmembers are safe and there are no reports of any oil leakage.
Correspondent Tim Schwabedissen,368-gt sex offender registry 40258 Liberian-flagged tank M/V Cesaria (IMO 8716722) suffered a dangerous goods accident in the Kiel Canal lock at Holtenau on Mar.