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The rapid succession of patients was most bewilderingnot, unfortunately, because of recovery, but because of deaths.
The grounds and gardens, full of beautiful flowers and shrubs, the beautiful creepers covering the building, looked, especially at night, when lighted up by electricity, a veritable scene in fairyland.In conclusion let me offer a deserved tribute to no strings attached sex in reading the energy, the self-denial and devotion of Hamburg and her sons and daughters during the period of suffering.In my stay here during the World's Fair I have noted whole rows of "cholera streets which have not even the excuse of being artistic.Funerals and funeral wreaths, mourners and signs of mourning met us at every corner.These tents grew up almost the second sex publication date like the beanstalk of the fairy storyin a single nightand bore testimony to the excellency of the arrangements made by those sex offender list jamestown ny in authority.It was by no means unusual for whole families to be taken to the same hospital and distributed in the various wards according to sex and accommodation.Listlessness and apathy are expressed in every attitude, and the mental condition, unless the case be complicated with delirium, is distinctly one of lethargy.In these days of express speed we have many advantages.Page 357 was the man who lived, and not that the cholera was killed." Prevention is the only cure.The beautiful "White City" has shown us that they may do so in America.The "sins of Hamburg" were great, and eventually found her out.A beautiful crematorium, hitherto practically unused, stood all through the epidemic as a silent but eloquent monument to the prejudices of the people.These conditions combined in September, 1892, in Hamburg, and adjoining cities were startled to find the disease so close upon them.A physician, recently writing in a professional paper, makes use of the following astonishing statement that cholera gives a new lease of life to the sufferer.This may be so if he means us to understand some transcendental lease in another sphere, but if he alludes to a lease here below, I cannot but think that the most of us should object to the terms of the agreement.Our patients ranged from the baby at the breast to those who had fulfilled their three-score years and ten.The Elbe water was still supplied in all its native and imported impurity, and then came the fourteenth warning, sadder, sharper and effectual, and Hamburg has risen to the occasion.
Doubtless the nervous, highly-strung Hindoo would see in the invasion of cholera the finger of fate, against which he would believe medical skill to be quite powerless, but the phlegmatic Teuton gave no evidence of a belief in an unassailable Kismet.
Nature had dealt very gently with her breaches of the eternal laws of health.