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There are also plentiful resorts for swimming and relaxation, including those located at the beaches on the Island of Mactan and Barili.
From the airport, you can hire a taxi straight to the hotel if the hotel does not provide a pick-up van.Airfare to Cebu will vary depending on your location as well as the travel class and airlines you choose.To get around the city, it is not necessary to hire a taxi, as this can be quite expensive.Arriving in Cebu, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, the second largest airport in the Philippines, is located in Cebu.Although most Cebu flights are between neighboring Asian countries like China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan, the airport also provides book guest local swinger seasonal flights to the United States, Russia, and other nations.Main Attractions in Cebu.To get cheap flights to Cebu, make sure to check out fare comparison websites on the Internet.Try riding the jeepneys, the citys most affordable way of travel.You can get access to private van services right after arrival at the airport or ask around from locals.However, if you are staying for a short while and need to get the most out of the visit, you might want to hire a private van.Getting Around Cebu, the airport is located in the Island of Mactan, about 20 to 30 minutes from the actual city.The SM City Cebu is the biggest shopping mall in the area.Alternatively, you can visit the Ayala Mall and other local business establishments.Some of the famous restaurants downtown include The Jungle Restaurant, Albertos Pizza, Casa Verde, Hola Espanol, and Giuseppes.It is an excellent alternative to the overcrowded Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the city of Manila.The city is home to various heritage sites dating back to the Spanish colonization.As one of the countrys biggest tourist attractions, restaurants in the area provide both local and international cuisines.It includes a huge supermarket, department store and movie theater as well as more than 200 restaurants and shops.These sites include Fort San Pedro, Magellans Cross, the Cebu Cathedral, and other colonial ruins.
You can also go hiking or biking at the Tops (literally the top of Mount Busay) or scuba diving at the island of Olango.

Flights to Cebu can be exhausting, so make sure to have booked a room at a hotel.