Farmer wants a wife e mail address

farmer wants a wife e mail address

His mother lived in Cheshire. .
Dynon, John, wrote from we have sex once every two weeks Lonsdale Street Melbourne in 1900; his property.
Breur, Edward Adolph alias braun alias mulhens, enquired for by German Consul in Sydney in 1906.
Sought by Barbara oshannassy in 1919. .He was a native of Cerentino Switzerland, arrived Melbourne 1855; not heard from since 1862. .Coleman, Leslie., 15 years, stowed away on Brisbane to Melbourne steamer in 1912. .Italian Consul in Melbourne seeks details of estate etc. .Clifford, Arthur, sought by State Childrens Department Rockhampton in 1917 re maintenance of his child in the orphanage. .8 pages, List 4 clarke, Frank., wrote from Thule, Deniliquin NSW in 1912, asking details of the injury done to motorcyclist Claude.Emily bartley, wife of Theodore; found, living apart from husband. .Adele dixon in 1896. .And 10 years on, the Schmeisers have been invited to London to tell their full story.Store in the fridge for up to a week.AH SAM, reported by wong shin of North Melbourne to have died suddenly in Melbourne in 1900. .Murdered William James matthews at Strathmerton in 1898; found guilty and hanged.