Farmer wants a wife season 1

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Season 2 Episode 11: For What We Are About to Receive Victoria's idea that John buy a squatter's last turkey leads to complications involving a local Indian chief.
Season 2 Episode 16: No Irish Need Apply Manolito disregards John's advice and decides to help his Irish miner friend strike to protest working conditions.
Season 2 Episode 5: find adult contacts The Covey An escaped Mexican bandit (Anthony Caruso) returns to destroy the Cannon ranch and avenge his imprisonment.Season 2 Episode 25: The Lion Sleeps Don Sebastian, wounded by an essex local nature partnership assassin, pretends to be dying to force Manolito to marry and take over the Cannon ranch.(Did anyone beat me to that lede?).Season 3 Episode 3: The Brothers Cannon When John ignores complaints about work assignments, angry Buck leaves the Cannon ranch for good; guest Lou Frizzell.Season 1 Episode 18: Survival John and Billy Blue force a wounded Apache to lead them to water, but an Indian chief captures them along the way.Season 4 Episode 8: Too Late the Epitaph.Manolito is saved by an old buddy (Monte Markham) from gold-theft charges, but is later framed for murder.Season 1 Episode 15: The Terrorist Manolito frees from jail an old friend (Henry Silva a revolutionary, unaware he plans to kill Mexico's exiled president.Season 1 Episode 24: Tiger by the Tail The Cannons capture a wounded bandit leader (Ricardo Montalbán) who threatens to destroy the ranch unless he is freed.Season 1 Episode 11: A Hanging Offense Billy Blue defends an Apache woman from an Army lieutenant, then faces murder charges after the man dies.Bachelor, for the dating series 19th edition (premiering in January 2015).Season 2 Episode 7: Ebenezer John convinces an editor to open Tucson's first newspaper, but exposing local corruption puts the man in danger.Season 3 Episode 4: A Piece of Land Victoria offers jewelry as collateral so Manolito can invest with Buck in a silver mine, which turns out worthless.Season 1 Episode 16: The Firing Wall A Mexican bandit turned revolutionary (Fernando Lamas) plans to publicly execute Cannon ranch hands as a show of power.Season 2 Episode 8: North to Tucson Victoria rescues an injured man (Kevin McCarthy) after his stagecoach is attacked, then learns he has sworn to kill John.Season 3 Episode 18: The Guns of Johnny Rondo Questions about a ranch hand who refuses to wear a gun are answered when his gunslinging past surfaces.Season 4 Episode 6: It Takes a Smart Man, john must give in to the demands of a blackmailer to prevent him from goading Buck into a no-win gun battle.Season 3 Episode 5: Bad Day for a Bad Man Bandits steal Manolito's tempestuous girlfriend and the money entrusted to him to buy cattle; guest Malachi Throne.A survivor of an Indian attack insists on accompanying John on a wild horse roundup on Indian lands.Season 1 Episode 6: Young Blood Don Sebastian suspects a prank when Manolito and Billy Blue arrive to buy his second-best bull, so he has the animal stolen.Click here to subscribe.
Season 1 Episode 26: The Hair Hunter A miner closed down by Apache raids ignores John's objections and hires a bounty hunter.