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1886 in Astede geboren, er starb 1956 in Altjührden.
Dorine Nowak Minneapolis, Minnesota USA Oldenburg-L mailing list Oldenburg-L(a)t t/mailman/listinfo/oldenburg-l Re: OL Vollen Date: 2003/12/02 19:46:55 From: Richard Keir rkeir(a)t Völlen is located near Weener in Ostfriesland Germany, also near the border with The Netherlands.
Lionel - Lionel "KW" Davoust "Information wants to be free" Re: OLFrench writer still looking for help Date: 2003/12/08 19:15:42 From: Chris Grote cgrote(a)rush.She died on July 14,1837 I think in Neuenkircken Germany.Einen gesegnetes Neues Jahr wünscht Manfred Gehaus Oldenburg-L oldenburg-l(a)t schieb.12.03 16:39:53: Sehr geehrte Listen-Members, ich abe eine Anfrage betreffend meines Großvaters mütterlicherseits Heinrich Anton August thien geb.Februar 1972 in Halen verh.Viele Grüße und allen einen guten Rutsch ins nächste Jahr - Karin Karin Jacob - Skalitzer Str.For my story, I need to cast a noble family, with possible estates, secluded in a family residence far from developing cities, whose situation would be degrading for some time because of a latent madness (consanguinity?A friend of Cloppenburg ask me for help to find family members in Brazil.Fred Pelican sex can u actually utrecht Lake Motor Coach Resort 4788 Corian Court Naples, FL ; (cell) FredRump(a)t "Our country right or wrong.OL brinkmann - GRÜters - veltmann - kosse Date: 2003/12/31 21:02:20 From: Heinrich Nethen50(a)t Hallo Listenmitglieder, ich suche nach folgenden Ahnen:.The growth into a city cam later.Jane has done extension research in Germany for these books.Re: OLFrench writer still looking for help Date: 2003/12/06 15:55:56 From: Judy.1 Ronnebaum Franz-Josef (0 54 91) Damme, Rotdornweg 19 Ronnebaum Hans-Dieter (0 54 94) 4 36 Ronnebaum Heinrich (0 44 94) Bösel, Thüler Str.

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