Fee for the farmer wants a wife

fee for the farmer wants a wife

I don't have a basement.
I have new tulip bulbs sex in essen, Rutten Scheid in my garage all winter.My friend got me two tulip bulbs.And here is the clincher, they will bloom a second and third year.Once again, I've not gotten any flowers.I, obviously, have never had tulips before.The bulbs you now have in the ground are the children of the bulbs you planted the year earlier.At this point, you would let the tulip's foliage die down from green to yellow.My hubby made approx an 8x8 raised bed specifically for me to plant these.Depeding on the variety you have the bulbs need 9 to 14 weeks of chilling.Wanting to plant them now.Or should I dig them up after they finish blooming dry off the bulbs and keep them refrigerated in brown bag for 3 months?What do I do with the 40 or so bulbs I received?