Flirty and naughty jokes

I wish I were your hairstyle you admire so intently with deep love and passion for.
You probably shouldn't tell this one to any friends who really do have a cute daughter, though.Naughty flirt messages to a sweet guy include naughty words in flirty"s sent to the guy.First was a butcher, with smart wit, using a knife, he gave it a slit, Second was a carpenter, strong and bold, with a hammer and chisel, he gave it a hole, Third was a tailor, tall and thin, by using red velvet, he lined.Popular Messages: naughty sayings to him.Aap Mein Kuch Baat He, aap Auron Se Kuch Khaas.This dirty knock knock joke doubles as a clever pick up line.Dearest guy, I wish I were the beautiful cream which you use to soothe your skin and body.If she's not receptive, it's just a joke.Howie gonna get it on if you won't open the door?Dear, I wish I were your T-shirt to have your body smell and hug you all day and night.Through this text, I send my love and beautiful wishes for a good day.Dear guy, you are the sweet reason I wake up with beautiful dreams of love among us hanging in my mind.
The best wishes would make the guy feel good and special and can be sent along with gifts for the guy.
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