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Use your Sniper rifle here to take out everyone you can before starting on the vans.
M-4 - Between the Algonquin Bridge roadways on a ramp in Lancet.
Image In Northern Gardens, near the road, just east of the overhead roadsign, North of the deserted train tracks on a large column.These targets usually move around, so be prepared.Tucked in an alley, behind a dumpster in boabo behind the Sales and Parts Building image.You will be attacked by a couple of carloads of goons, but as long as you go relatively fast you are.Image In South Bohan, on the South East corner mature dating in eastbourne of the cleaners.Note: Bernie will call you after this mission and tell you he has a gift for sex contact zuerich you.Bailing out for Good- Head to the Police Station in Leftwood, as you approach, your single target is walking out of the station.Make sure you don't leave the area or you will fail the mission.Image of Ramp Location - Recommended Vehicle- NRG-900/PCJ-600/Sanchez - Description- Back up a couple streets and head along to the center of Star Junction.Description- Take Amethyst St Eastbound till you hit Albany Ave and veer slightly left to follow the front list of sex offenders south australia of the building to hit the ramp at the end and clear Union Drive to score this.Image on the side of the Auto Parts building on Odhner Ave in Port Tudor.After he blows it up, you are finished here and have to land the chopper at the Helitours pad on Union Drive East, remember this place, its handy to grab a chopper from.Image closeup image On a warehouse in Acter Industrial Park, off Toggle Ave, you can gain access via the building next.