How is a maturity date calculated

how is a maturity date calculated

For portfolio and account analysis, individual stocks with a market capitalization between 1 billion and 5 billion in market value are classified as mid cap.
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These are based on bonds that Fidelity recognizes and are not equal to the entire universe of bonds, which is significantly larger than the number of bonds offered by Fidelity on any given day.This would indicate that the securities mature on 8/4 of the years listed.Policy term completed by policy (in full years)- your last policy anniversary minus your policys date of commencement.Back Multi-leg Option Multi-leg options are two or more option transactions, or "legs bought and/or sold simultaneously in order to achieve a certain investment goal.the following annual earnings per share (EPS) consensus estimate, an average of all the contributing brokers' annual estimates - the percentage change in the following year's annual estimated EPS as compared to the current annual estimated EPS.Back Mutual Fund An investment that pools shareholders money and invests it toward a specified goal.Held Short The total market value of all positions held short in the account.Partial redemptive provisions (such as sinking funds) are not included in Yield to Worst calculations.For example, if you indicate an A rating, the tool will search bonds with ratings between A and AAA.Under federal tax rules, market discount that is less than.25 of the stated redemption price (or OID-adjusted issue price) of the bond multiplied by the number of full years to maturity remaining at acquisition is treated as zero.Back Maturity Value This is similar to face value except that maturity value may include accrued interest.Back, year Low, the lowest price at which a security has traded during the current year.Back Maximum Coupon Rate For bond ladders, indicate the maximum coupon you would like to receive on any security in the ladder.This amount will be credited to your Core Money Market on the settlement date.If the Momentum indicator reaches extremely high values and then turns down, you should assume prices will probably go still higher.Back Yield Type On fixed income (e.g., bond) search results screens, sex offender registry zephyrhills this is the type of yield the yield value shown represents.Back, marginable Security, a security that can be bought by borrowing on margin.
For certain fixed income products that pay principal, such as a mortgage-backed security, a Factor is used to determine the current face value of the position, as the face value of the position changes over time.
The input box immediately to the right of the drop-down box allows you to adjust the parameter(s) for each moving average.

For Municipal Resets, the minimum quantity is 25 bonds for a 25,000 investment, with some having a 50 bond minimum.