Local sex school

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Reiger Park High School sexual scandal have been removed from the school.
The girls have since issued an apology, saying in part: "We made a mistake and sex offenders list ct we own that entirely.
A close family friend of the student testified Tuesday she was completely disgusted when the Crown stayed the charges.Further investigations are underway.(Edited by Zamangwane Shange).And also to check intervention made by the department whether they are working or not.He has been in and out of an addiction treatment program, and did not complete Grade.Late week, the principal of the school handed in his resignation.The students, who say they're the 'U-Knighted Feminists of Stoughton High sent a letter to Marylou's claiming they are selling sex instead of coffee, and they're not welcome in town.The students also sent a letter to Keli-Jo Rowell, CEO of Marylou's: "We feel so angry.There are also allegations that the school principal has been hiring teachers in exchange for sexual favours.A Calgary music teacher had frequent sexual encounters with a ninth-grade boy in her school band office and her vehicles, the former student testified at a hearing Tuesday in Edmonton.Counsellors reported the relationship to Calgary police when the boy disclosed it in a group therapy session.Your idea of beauty is bogus.".There are also reports that the Reiger Park community will be protesting this morning.Videos and pictures of the principal having sex with different girls in his office have been making the rounds on various social media platforms.Although details surrounding the sexual assaults remain sketchy, it is alleged the principal sexually assaulted learners and staff members at the school.He served his last day as an employee of the department on 15 January.The DA says it will assess the extent of the impact of the scandal on teaching and learning.A teacher smoked marijuana with a teen and his friends, bought him clothes, jewelry, a bong and other gifts, and regularly supplied him and a friend with alcohol and cigarettes, a former student, who is now an adult, testified Tuesday.
Lesufi says that his department is taking action against teachers implicated in the Reiger Park High School sex scandal.
Gauteng education MEC Panyaza Lesufi visited the school in Boksburg on Tuesday.

Reiger Park High School in Boksburg.