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Other words were bint (to describe a girl that was bimbo-ish slag and no strings attached sex in reading slapper(for easy women)yer noggin (your brain- but I app2 no strings dating net login don't know if this is frum debn!)Cakey-silly/kitch."Strapper" A strapper is a person who is incompetant and makes no useful contribution to the job in hand Claire Depreaux nee Dyer, Nice, France Having been brought up in Deb'n, I remember various phrases from my family: " 'ers bin fighting an appledrane's nest".It's just a humorous shortening of the word "physiognomy".Was it a type of sorrel?Then find a true Devonian to read it to you; it is just like a foreign language!Bruce Fraser When I was 18 I worked for the Dartington Rural Archive based within the Dartington Trust at Dartington.Derns: Door linings and threshold.Tis a expression of disbelief.Round here tsay" is common.I remember one old fisherman when I did something wrong or foolish would say "Yer a girt full" You are a big fool.Do kids still use these two terms to address each other, or has it gone now, like so much else?meaning, of course, a big dollop, as in cow plop or the contents of a baby's nappy!I wonder if anybody knows what that meant?There are some questions which I would like to follow up: Does, or did, "gribele" really mean a crabtree or blackthorn?
The term referred to a particular light during 'twilight so neither light or dark.
I never knew the origin of Grockles and had commented on the large black birds here in US called anks to this site I have learnt it is a name for jackdaws, who cause trouble and steal.