Maturity date grace period

I can have the CD renew, have the funds transferred to a PenFed checking account, or have it sent to me by check.
I can even choose to either reinvest the dividends or have them sent to me monthly.For CD account terms that horny women Dating are 28 or more days, there is a 7 calendar day grace period.I guess this is another example of credit unions often being more consumer-friendly.The current traditional CD is paying only.25 APY, and the online CD.25.After a bit of research, it seems that many of the big banks do this.(Up to 6-months of interest, which can mean you get back less than your initial principal.).Meanwhile, I guess Ill just have to set up some Google Calendar alerts to text me repeatedly when ee bond final maturity date this thing matures.If missed that short window, then it would automatically renew into another CD of the same term, and Id be subject to early withdrawal penalties.On the other hand, other places that Ive dealt with, like Pentagon Federal Credit Union, allow you to choose how the CD should be treated right when you open.Its hard to believe that back in August 2008, I was able to get a 5 APY 12-month CD from Washington Mutual (now Chase).You can keep up with where Im putting my cash here.
Ive also read that some banks require you to physically enter a branch or send a snail-mail letter.
Since its almost time, I called today to see if I could designate how I wanted the funds to be disbursed upon maturity.