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Several obviously cliched setups attain, under his careful direction, a sense of dramatic authenticity, such as Sang-do's effort to detox an upper-class addict Ji-young (the TV drama actress Choo Ja-hyun which develops into a highly convincing, non-sentimental relationship between the two.
So let's nip that in the bud first.I can accept Ahn Byung-ki ripping off scenes wholesale from the acknowledged masterpieces (such as the tracking shot of Ko So-young's jogging routine "referencing" Jodie Foster in Silence of the Lambs ).Quality ad-libbing, like improvisation, requires one to have familiarity with the topic at hand.This women, men agony is actually a not-bad material for an unconventional horror film, heavy on atmospherics and interesting characters and light on bump-in-the-night terror: it would have been intriguing to see what non-genre directors like Jeong Jae-eun or Im Sun-rye could have done with.We sense that, even when this thug is prattling on like an idiot while chewing mouthfuls of uncooked pork and raw garlic, he is capable of doing something seriously dangerous or unpredictable.Rather than being based on blood relations, they are often born out of a random or irresponsible act by other person.Ironically, it is his romance with the childhood sweetheart Hyun-joo (Lee Bo-young terrain that Jo and Yu Ha should be familiar with, that feels lifeless and cliched (Jo Young-wook's saccharine score over these sequences make them feel much worse than they are).Most of us have some knowledge in the very area of service miss-taken.Another woman who reaches out to him is his somewhat despondent, married next-door neighbor (Kim Ho-jung - Nabi, Springtime ) who is a little too willing to comfort Han-soo in his time of certain needs.The original Korean title "Birth of a Family" gives some clues as to the thematic point of the film.It seems to be that profiles and computer software are being used to trick people into buying a membership (we're not 100 sure though).As it happens, both men went on to develop separate high profile sophomore features in the years.The only redeemable feature of this fiasco is its unique visual look.That someone is neither of the two men we soon begin watching watch her.In this way, her actions are not her own but based on what is required for the male object of her affection to acknowledge her desire and validate her womanly existence.
One day Dong-gu learns about a 5 million won prize for the winner of a high school ssireum tournament ( ssireum is a traditional form of wrestling native to Korea).

He asks his questions of his characters and audiences in the context of "Korean society but his themes have universal applications as well.