R186 maturity date

( NRS 703.025, 704.210 ) Except as otherwise maturedating co uk login provided by specific regulation:. .
Order 3 Rule 16-A 2, eff.
703.820 Copies of transcripts.
Questions to clarify testimony provided by witnesses may be asked of witnesses at any time by the presiding officer, any Commissioner, or any administrative attorney, policy dating app for sex only adviser or legal counsel for the Commission.(2) A standard operating procedure for all employee communications not covered by the proposed tariff.A person against whom any complaint is filed or a person who is the subject of any official investigation by the Commission must be styled respondent.These sources must be delineated by quantity or availability and, to the extent possible, by costs associated with delivery.Unless otherwise specified, testimony of an applicant, petitioner or complainant must be filed with the Commission and received by each party of record no later than 10 business days before the hearing.Utilities Commn by R010-05, eff.703.185 Specific requirements for electric companies.703.27138 Determination of appropriate return on common equity.1 for the first letter submitted by a public utility for each class of utility service rendered.The action taken and the agreements made at a prehearing conference: (a) Must be made a part of the record.703.180 Specific requirements for small-scale providers of last resort that are not competitive suppliers.Unless otherwise specifically provided in the order, an order of the Commission is effective as of the date of its issuance.