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Take advantage of that gift!
But before you go looking for a spouse make sure that youve gone looking for God.
How to meet or find these people is an age-old question that is a bit harder to answer.Read more, lOAD more articles and get each digital issue delivered to your inbox free.What we often fail to realize is that God is The One, and a relationship with Him is the foundation for everything else in life.First, let me assure that there are many, many, many good Christian men and women out there who have made a commitment to live the virtue of chastity and chosen to save sex for marriage.The best foundations for relationships are friendships, and friendships are built on common interests.Most people bemoan their singleness, wishing with all their heart that God would just bring them the one so they can get married and get on with life.The best advice I can give is to do the things that you love to do, and know that along the way you will meet people with the same interests.If you like being outdoors, join a wilderness adventure group.You could be the person who shares it with them what an awesome gift you could give someone else!Im not sure where youre coming from, but most cities have plenty of organizations like this available it just might take a little searching to find them.Read more, ive seen so many young women desperate to get married because they believed it would.Read more, its been said that every major fear stems from the fear of death.When we were in the early stages of forming Initiate Media our office was based in a retail precinct.And again, there are those who dont even know about the virtue or its benefits.
How do you find a good Christian wife nowadays that doesn't want sex before marriage? .
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Chances are youll meet her on the mission field simply by serving the Lord, youll meet someone whose heart is buried in her God and His work, and youll have to know your way around His heart to get to hers.