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She is also a psychic!
They crave being cute.
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Things which are cute to children are the less sophisticated itteration of those things found to be cute to adult women.I devote a lot of time to my relatives, I like ยป.For example, girls under the age of 30, if properly indoctrinated into modern consumer society, find.When this is done, its is a sure fire indicator that if matched by the original party, the combined cute energy"ent of the escalation could lead to an acute explosion of squeals and girlishness on par with Mount.An early example favoured by the Ancient Greeks was the Hephaeston Scale, about which we know very little, other than that it utilised an amphora of water, several small ads adult personal single stones and an oiled muscular youth.Edit Cuto meter A method of measuring "cute" has been sought since ancient times.Hello Kitty to be cute.The Merry Widow itself transforms her again into a vital woman, but the rosette on the front of the panty girdle is ' cute.From that point on, they view the word cute as a cue to roll their eyes and get antsy.Thus they will stand by and allow their blood to boil, a degree higher for each time the woman that they are with uses the phrase "those shoes are so cute." cute, isn't it?By their mid fifties cute" begins to take on a more sinister look as things that are not cute become.Edit Those hornymatches free account sandals are so cute!Anything pink is automatically cute - even a Mary Kay Cadillac.
This is not at all due to the fact that if you don't call her cute, then she might break off the relationship, and as a uncyclopedia reader I know you're a lonely lonely man.

This includes things found at craft shows ( "Deann, did you see these cute earrings made from polymer clay?" Walmart ( "Judy I am standing here in Walmart and they have the cutest sneakers with velcro straps for only.95" ) and bad kitsch (.