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Out of the 636 respondents that have had pre-marital sex.
Similarly, in Nigeria, Meeker 15 reported that the median age for first sexual experience in Ondo State was 16 years.
Location Pre-marital sex X2 Df p-value Yes N No N Total N Urban 410 (64.5) 99 (31.0) looking for erotic mannheim 509 (53.3).196.027 Rural 226 (35.5) 220 (690) 446 (46.7) Total 636 (100.0) 319 (100.0) 955 (100.0) Table 6: The effect of location (place of residence).
The target population of the study comprises of unmarried secondary school students in Anambra.27 who saw living in urban slums as disadvantageous and described it as living in dangerous environment.Adolescents sex first meeting in the urban secondary schools were twice more likely to engage in pre-marital sex compared with their rural counterparts OR:.000, (95 CI:.180-2.143.002.Some socio-demographic characteristics were found de ce am sangerari la contact sexual to have effect on pre-marital sex.Ethical approval was sought and obtained from Ministry of education Awka and permission from all the Principals of secondary school whose students participated in the study.The fetus is prone to be delivered preterm, small for date and risk of prenatal death among others 10,.An increase in the size of the family increases the complexity of intra-group relations and poses new problems in the fulfilment of individual family needs.Out of the 636 respondents that have had pre-marital sex, 310 (48.7) were in private schools, while 326 (51.3) were in public schools.The implications of premarital sex for both boys and girls were found to have serious effects.Respondents that were in Senior Secondary 2 and above ( SS2) were 3 times more likely to engage in pre-marital sex than those that were in Senior Secondary 1 and below ( SS1) and this was statistically significant OR:.257, (95 CI:.385-4.450.000.The instrument was validated by three lecturers that are specialized on test construction.Received Date: Aug 22, 2017 / Accepted Date: Sep 04, 2017 / Published Date: Sep 11, 2017.