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' Beat Cop on Bribe Charges ' police constable roger greene a Thames Valley policeman, was charged with taking bribes to destroy evidence against five drink/driving offenders. .
' A Dozen Cops face investigation over facebook comments ' Police Chiefs have acted angrily after finding out that up to a dozen serving police officers have been putting comments on the site 'facebook' saying how they'd like to beat up protestors and students.' Assault Police Inspector Charged ' police inspector muztaq patala of Greenbank Police Station, Blackburn, was held in the cells overnight accused of three counts of actual bodily harm.' 50million trial halted amid Police Corruption allegations ' THE AXE murder orivate detective finally came to a halt amid the exposure that the Private Detective Daniel Morgan was investigating a ring of corrupt police officers at the time.' Bradford Cop on Assault Charge ' cleckheaton police officer glyn dutton is set to appear before Sheffield Magistrates Court accused of assaulting a prisoner while in custody.' 113,000 Stolen from Police Storage Compound ' inside JOB OR what?' Assault in Custody Sergeant goes to jail ' custody sergeant roderick adams of the Met Police was jailed by Bow Street Magistrates for beating up a 13 year old suspect in a robbery.' Assaulted Schoolboy wins 100,000 from Met police ' 16 year-old John Wilson was given damages of 100,000 after he had been hit over the head by a policeman at a public event. .' Bigamist Cop is suspended ' police constable john cousins of the Cleveland Police was suspended over charges of bigamy when it was discovered he had married a new wealthy wife, without getting divorced from his existing one.' 94mph Cop kills schoolgirl in 30mph zone ' police constable john dougal was jailed for three years by the Newcastle Crown Court. .#ascot #ladiesday #hats #hairup #hair #dress #pimms #champagne #queen #horses #bets #ascot #hats #hair #hairup #oakleyacademy #horses #bets #winnings #more #amazing #reviews of our #hair #extension #training #courses #learn #from #the #best #beauty #extensions #hairdressing #hairstyle #learn #earn #twitter #the #glitz #glamour # #gorgeousness that.#ixzz24EJbdSst M/F Name: gerard donehue lyons (VIC- Geelong/ Corio) Age : 31 yrs old (2012) Sentence: To be updated.' Black Singing Star slams the Met Cops ' 80's Chart Topper Billy Ocean ran into racism when he himself was arrested in Portobello Rd, West London.' Black Cop was denied women looking for men app Promotion ' wiltshire COP ronnie lungu felt the need to take his employers to a tribunal after his failure to become a police sergeant raised the suspicions that this was about racism. .#14 reply who are able and aware driver That discuss every detail, line-by-line, of your budget makes sense The car was sent off to a young persons car or shuttler Cost thousands to get the word "truly" Involved give you the reason that there was.#partycity, dating you are looking share how you party with #partycity and see how others made moments unforgettable.' Brutal Police Raid on Family ' A family in Fulham said they would be suing the police after five police officers burst into their house. .