Sex offender search otis

sex offender search otis

Omni also includes information about probationers, a group of offenders who are NOT under the jurisdiction of the mdoc, but who are merely supervised by the department.
Marks, Scars or Tattoos: in 2008, the Michigan Legislature permitted removal of offender's information from otis after three years had elapsed from the discharge date.
To accommodate as much information as possible, some headings may be abbreviated.
The Department of Corrections and the State of Michigan offer this information without any express or implied warranty as to its accuracy.Information is removed from otis only if the conviction is set aside, expunged by the sentencing court or by operation of law, or three years has elapsed since the offender has discharged.Requests for the database should be sent to: foia Coordinator, michigan Department of Corrections 206.Users may also enter additional information to refine the search process.The department merely supervises these offenders for the county.It must be earned.Unknown : There are several reasons an offender might appear within this category, including: incomplete data on paper transferred to electronic storage or court action.Ichat Internet Criminal History Access Tool.Information about anyone who has been arrested why are women always armed and convicted but not yet sentenced.Please also change the Offender Status to ALL prior to your search.Please report any information about probation absconders to the appropriate county sheriff's office.With the evolution of the department's electronic data storage came the desire, both within the department and among important constituencies, especially taxpayers, to put more information online.
The following information is intended to help you use otis and understand how the information is presented and what it means.