What does tomato maturity date mean

Stokes Seed find no strings attached sex is a good online source for seeds, and they show the days to maturity with each vegetable seed description.
The above definition of the start time is still kind of vague.For example, I can pick carrots when they are quite small, or wait until late fall.Days to Maturity, the days to maturity listed on the seed packet, or in the plant description in seed catalogs, refers to the number of days from planting your tomato seedlings in the garden to the date of the first mature fruit.These figures are calculated under ideal growing conditions.When placed on a heat pad, or the top of an appliance that provides gentle bottom heat, tomato seeds germinate in approximately six to 12 days.Your tomatoes may ripen earlier or later than expected.Too much nitrogen will give you lovely foliage, but less fruit. .Time to maturity will be different for each person.Most good vegetable seed catalogs will also include the days to maturity number in their description.Harvest when the fruit is well colored and soft, but not mushy. .Consider the tomatoes listed in the above table.Lets start with a simple definition of the term Days to maturity.The answer depends on how you start the seed.What is the difference between indeterminate and determinate tomatoes?
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