What women want in oral sex want

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Just licking it over and over like a popsicle is not the hottest thing we've ever experienced.
Some women basically enter a meditative state when someone's going down.
There are so many little nooks and crannies down there, and if you just treat the whole thing like a baseball you wanna put your mouth us savings bond redemption form on, you'll be down there forever to no avail.Not because it just straight-up takes women longer to come than men (it doesn't but because of a lot of other factors (kinda nerve-wracking to have someone's face in your vag, maybe you don't know what we like yet, etc.).Give me a minute (or five) to fully enjoy this blessed experience before pulling away and moving.Emily Post Guide to oral sex, this would definitely be included.Bring in all the benched players you can.If you've been at it with just your tongue for like, ten minutes, and nothing's happening, get some fingers or a toy involved.This changes from woman to woman, but light pressure is usually better than jamming your tongue into my vagina, full force.Women's orgasms aren't typically over in a split second.If you're paying attention, you will know when you're doing something that feels good.If you find yourself in a situation where your partner conspicuously gives and refuses to receive, you might try asking her why.There are things to know, things to literally never do again, and things you can improve.
So think about doing oral sex half as hard as you'd jack off. .
Some women feel their vulvas are "dirty" and may be uncomfortable with someone kissing them "down there so would prefer to give oral sex.