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The new brothels prospects are looking better than ever.
They start with hot drinks, condoms and clean needles and move on to housing, jobs and legal aid.
Norway adopted the Swedish model - in which selling sex is permitted but anyone caught buying it is fined or imprisoned - in 2009.
Strictly speaking, he was right.He comes two or three times a week with friends or a couple of colleagues from the pizzeria where he works.You know, the name is not pimp anymore.I dont mean to offend the prostitutes but I try to raise my children so that they have professional opportunities.The Netherlands legalised prostitution two years before Germany, just after Sweden had gone the other way and made the purchase of sex a criminal offence.Two weeks ago, he says running his hands over his close-cropped hair, a girl said to our manager that some guy wanted to have money from her because he drove her from Romania to Germany.Once shes saved up enough money, she plans to get a job in a hotel or a restaurant.Müller senior took the building over after legalisation but this tower block covered in blinking lights has been used by prostitutes for 40 years.Thats negotiated between the men and the women and all of the money from that activity is kept by her.She finds those ones exhausting.Men selling themselves to women fare worst.Would he be happy for either of his two daughters to work at Paradise, the interviewer asks.Trills Beretin when I mention Gesext eastern European women meet for free to him.The women working here were given strict rules: they had to be completely naked at all times and, according to Sporer, were sometimes obliged to offer unprotected sex.Its like talking to a Disney grandmother, only one who is telling the most terrible stories.Within a couple of hours wed seen enough to get the joke.The partition is hard against the drivers side so he cant open the door and theres a clear space on the passenger side to enable a quick escape.They are often more scared that it will become known that they used prostitutes.

Some women are kidnapped, others are tricked with the promise of jobs as nannies or waitresses.
One of the women on his site is Jacky, 36, a single mother from Stuttgart who works in a bistro.