Women at the meeting talked her into it

They all are fond of him!
Sara challenges Damien to a sword fight league rules, with no magic, Damien agrees and the two are evenly matched, but Sara proves the better and defeats Damian, but before she can kill him, Nora uses her magic on Sara, Sara chastises Damien, but.
Along with this, she wore a mask to hide her identity from enemies (and also from friends and family, at first).One more vacation they spent in Greece and in some time they decided to marry.As a translator, I recalled how they were glad to see each other every time in chat and they were so open and talked on different topics!She had interviewed him at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010 while working for news channel CNN and was invited out to lunch the next day.Sara spoke with Palmer who was able to regain his memories.As they landed Thawne used his super speed to escape the ship and left.Before he is taken away Rip tells Sara that finder local sex Mallus is getting stronger and that the Legends will be needed to fight the coming battle.His wife Brit fashion designer Georgia Chapman has left him.At the diner Sara and Vixen spoke and Sara asked if she would kill Rexs killer if she would find him.Using their information, the team made a plan to attack the prison.Sara breaks up with Oliver after telling him that he needs someone who can still see the good in things, not a killer like herself, and that she cares too much for him to be with him.Sonic device : Sara uses a handheld non-lethal sonic weapon used to disable large groups of people.The team prepared to steal the spear.Sara and Kendra then worked together and abducted baby Snart in 1972, while they both were amazed at how cute baby Snart was.The Legends learned that this was impossible with any existing technology.Thawne took the spear from her and prepared to erase all of them existence.They wanted so badly to understand each other!Sara learned that in the process Rip had injured himself while shielding Kendra from a laser shot.She goes back to her hideout and shares a meal with Sin, in which she reveals to her about running into Oliver and then how her dad is a cop and her sister is a lawyer.Rip told the team that the Legion of Doom had their base of operations at the Vanishing Point.Sara questioned Ava about what the Time Bureau was fighting against however Ava refused to tell more.
Sara contacted Ava in hopes of meeting up but Ava informed her that she found out that Rip Hunter has escaped from prison.
A few days later Gideon had taken Sara of all medication that was keeping her unconscious but she still hadn't woken.